Star Factor: Hiring a Celebrity Party Planner in London

party planner London
party planner London

Star Factor: Hiring a Celebrity Party Planner in London

A quick flick through any tabloid newspaper or glossy magazine gives a tantalising glimpse into a glamorous world of high-end parties and special events. Behind every celebrity event is a celebrity party planner. But many of these professionals don’t work exclusively for the rich and famous: they’re also available for you to hire. And there are some very good reasons why you should.

You Want It? They Can Get It

When celebrities host a party, they like to make a big splash. This usually means creating a wild and wonderful spectacle featuring amazing experiences and centrepieces, such as the shark tank that famously featured at one of Simon Cowell’s events. So any company accustomed to catering to the high-end requirements of celebrities almost certainly has the contacts and influence to bring your most extravagant imaginings to life.

Don’t Know What You Want? They Can Help

Believe it or not, that shark tank probably wasn’t Simon Cowell’s idea, even though it’s so completely him. Party planners are great at turning dreams into reality, but the tough part is having ideas in the first place. And when you hire a celebrity party planner, they’re accustomed to thinking big; they’ll bring the same vision to your event.

You’ll Love Working With Them

Imagine how difficult it must be to plan a party for people like the beautiful but notoriously temperamental Naomi Campbell. It’s a dead cert that Naomi’s event planner has better-than-average interpersonal skills and an unrivalled talent for logistics. So if you want a completely stress-free party that runs like clockwork, choose a company accustomed to working with celebrities.

You’ll Benefit From Their Contacts

Hire a celebrity party planner and you also hire a formidable database of contacts. Sure, this can be of direct benefit when you’d like a celebrity to attend your party, but it also has a whole range of associated advantages. Great contacts mean you get access to venues which would otherwise be closed to you and, because well- connected planners have leverage, it even gets you more party for your pound.

Celebrities work in an industry where income can be irregular, so they’re often surprisingly thrifty. Hiring a celebrity party planner won’t break the bank – unless of course you want it to – but it will open up a world of contacts and ideas that can turn a great event into an unforgettable one. Love Entertainment in London creates events of all kinds, each one totally unique: but what they all have in common is a special quality that can only be described as the star factor.